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Rise of the healthy workplace

25 January 2018

Next to rise of technology, a healthier workplace will be the primary focus for office design in the years to come, according to Office Depot’s European head of product, Andreas Specks.

In an interview with OPI, Specks said healthy working is increasingly important for businesses with around two-thirds of European companies already holding initiatives to support staff well-being.

“It has been growing in interest for years and will continue to do so as organisations recognise the benefits and the return of investment in terms of engagement, productivity and business performance,” Specks said.

Specks added: “Nowadays, companies are recognising this trend and are trying to migrate this into the office by improving their canteens with healthier options, running fitness programmes and implementing a wider range of ergonomic solutions.”

Corporate wellness programmes offering health and fitness facilities are tipped to grow in popularity and will be an integral part of workspace management.

Due to improved research, experience and advanced tools, companies now have much better insights into absenteeism and so-called ‘presenteeism’ (loss of productivity through health problems or personal issues).

Future workplace will focus around collaborative spaces, meaning demand for flexible lay-outs and ‘smart offices’ will grow.

Overall, Depot predicts a rise in initiatives like sit-stand desks, areas for a better collaboration and privacy as well as comfort areas, airflow, lighting, acoustics, indoor plants and flexible working. All of which will have a positive impact on employee’s well-being and productivity.