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Australia Post has a plan for recycled satchels

Postal service commits to range of sustainability targets.

Australia Post will introduce Australia’s first recycled plastic satchel later this year as part of a new three-year sustainability plan.

The plan involves 19 “commitments” that aim to create economic, social and environmental value for the Australian community.

The new range of recycled and recyclable plastic satchels will be launched with major customer Country Road prior to Christmas with a transition across the entire business in early 2020.

Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate said the  organisation was building on its long, proud history of responsible citizenship.

“One of the things about sustainability and doing things like recycled packaging is for the people that work in your business. They want to work for organisations where they’ve got strong values,” she said.

Coming into effect last month, the new plan is underpinned by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – the world’s sustainability agenda for 2030.

Date Published: 
28 August 2019