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Craft market still in growth mode

Are you taking advantage of this?
As of our last Ball & Doggett update, the craft market in Australia had been experiencing steady growth and gaining popularity. This trend was observable across various craft industries, including but not limited to:
  • Handmade goods and DIY: There was a growing demand for handmade products and do-it-yourself (DIY) crafts among Australians. This trend was fuelled by a desire for individuality, sustainability, and supporting local artisans and businesses.
  • Art and design: Australia has a vibrant arts and crafts scene, with many talented artists and designers creating unique, handcrafted items. Markets, festivals, and online platforms provided avenues for artists to showcase and sell their work, contributing to the growth of the craft market.
  • Textiles and fashion: The handmade textiles and fashion sector also experienced growth, with consumers increasingly valuing ethically made and sustainable clothing and accessories. This trend led to a resurgence of interest in traditional crafts such as weaving, knitting, and sewing.
  • Home-brewing and winemaking: Like craft beer, there was a growing interest in home-brewing beer and making wine at home. This hobby was embraced by enthusiasts seeking to explore different brewing and winemaking techniques and flavours.
  • Craft markets and fairs: Craft markets and fairs remained popular destinations for both consumers and crafters, providing opportunities for artisans to sell their creations directly to customers and for shoppers to discover unique handmade items.
If you are a regional or rural office products dealer and haven’t yet taken advantage of the opportunity, please consider Ball & Doggett to supply your local crafter, brewer  and designer.
At Ball & Doggett we see a big opportunity in heat transfer vinyl for handmade goods, art and design and the textile and fashion market, not to mention schools and sporting organisations.
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Date Published: 
2 April 2024