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Greener Choices on top with Officeworks sales growth

Shifting consumer behaviour helps Officeworks reach new sustainability high.
More Australians are considering the environmental impacts of their retail habits and are choosing to shop more sustainably - especially when shopping for their children, according to a new Officeworks report.
The retailer’s People and Planet Positive Report released this week states that one in two Australians are actively looking for greener products or services, and 44 per cent consider a brand’s environmental efforts to be ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ important when making a purchasing decision. 
Reflecting this shift in consumer behaviour, Officeworks’ Greener Choices product range, which provides more sustainable products such those made from natural or recycled materials, less plastic or are compostable, refillable or fully recyclable at the end of their life, achieved the strongest year-on-year sales growth of any product range at 58 per cent and grew its range from 2000 to 2400 products in the past financial year. 
The retailer also identified sustainable shopping habit changes in parents of school aged children during the key retail period of back-to-school. 
Parents chose to shop more sustainably than ever before, with 78 per cent of the Greener Choices products outperforming 2021 sales for the same period. Also reflected in the People and Planet Positive report is evidence that consumers are increasing their recycling habits. 
Since launching its Bring it Back program in 2015 and offering in-store recycling bins for printer cartridges, e-waste, pens, markers and more, Officeworks has collected more than 7000 tonnes of products to be recycled or repaired. 
Officeworks managing firector Sarah Hunter said: “We know our customers want to make more sustainable choices, and our role in delivering value while operating a sustainable and responsible business is more important than ever. Our
People & Planet Positive 2025 plan is our long-term approach to supporting our team, enhancing our connection to our local communities, reducing our environmental impact and sourcing products in sustainable and responsible ways.” 
Date Published: 
8 September 2022