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Officeworks cracks down on in-store fraud

Officeworks take steps to reduce in-store theft by detecting signs of fraudulent purchases and returns. 
The retailer, which caught one manager stealing more than $50,000 via fake refunds last year, will partner with Appriss Retail, which uses machine learning to identify anomalies in sales and replenishment data. 
“Appriss will present Officeworks with key data that highlights trend anomalies in stock processes and POS transactions that may be considered fraudulent,” an Officeworks spokesperson told iTnews
Officeworks plans to first use Appris’ Secure platform to crack down on shoplifting and embezzlement.
“Our objective in the first instance is to highlight fraudulent activity internally and externally across the network. This may be across refunds, discounts and other areas of opportunity to reduce fraud," the spokesperson said.
Other Wesfarmers subsidiaries, including Target and Kmart, already use Appris to spot suspicious trends in transaction data. 
“Refund fraud certainly has been a major challenge for many retailers with organised retail crime groups preying on retailers to gain financial benefit," Officeworks' spokesperson said. 
To stop repeat shoplifters, Officeworks also partners with Auror; Woolworths, Coles and other retailers use the platform to share incident reports on previous offenders and recognise their number plates before they enter the store.  
Last year, Officeworks also built a new safety app on ServiceNow and trialled body-worn cameras and duress watches to support staff against retail thieves and aggressive customers.
Date Published: 
2 April 2024