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Opal Australian Paper broadens its horizons

29 March 2021
Opal Australian Paper’s recent name change highlights a much bigger story.
In a Q&A with OPN, Duane Stagoll, Opal Australian Paper’s national marketing manager, outlines the company’s new vision as a virtually integrated paper company. 
1. What is the background behind the formation of Opal?
In 2020 Nippon Paper Industries acquired the Orora Fibre Packaging business, which combined with Australian Paper to form Opal. Opal is now one of the largest and most diverse fibre packaging and paper companies in the Oceania region. Opal is vertically integrated, from base paper through to end paper and packaging products and provides Nippon Paper Industries with global scale in the converting of fibre packaging. 
2. How did the name Opal become part of the story? 
It is innovative thinking that makes the Opal brand different. And this difference is reflected in the vibrant colours that make Opal stand out from other paper and packaging brands. These colours reflect the luminous intensity of opals as well as the creativity and energy of our company, hence the name Opal. 
3. What sort of feedback have you received since Opal’s formation? 
Customer feedback towards the formation of Opal has been very positive. As a broader paper and packaging group we can now provide our customers with access to a wider range of products. For example, Opal Packaging Plus is a market leader in the conversion and distribution of protective packaging, adhesives, various wraps and stretch films, which we know is appealing to our customers. Our Opal Fibre Packaging, Opal Specialty Packaging and Opal Converting Group divisions are also able to manufacture a wide range of fibre-based products from boxes, bags and cartons to sophisticated retail and point-of-sale solutions. 
4. What has been the impact of COVID-19 on sales of Opal Australian Paper’s copy paper and stationery products - across the retail and B2B channels respectively? 
2020 has been a difficult year for many businesses, including the paper sector. As an essential service, Opal’s manufacturing and logistics operations have continued to successfully function despite the restrictions imposed as a result of the pandemic. Importantly, the pandemic has highlighted the importance of local manufacturing in securing stable supply of key consumer items. Purchasing Australian-made products and showing support for local brands such as Reflex copy paper, Tudor envelopes and Olympic and Victory stationery supports vital local jobs and our communities. 
5. As the market leading brand, how has Reflex performed over the past year? 
Reflex had a very strong year demonstrating continued year on year growth. In times of uncertainty consumers look to brands that they know and trust. 
Our advertising campaign focuses on two key factors, demonstrating that consumers can ‘Always rely on Reflex’ and a strengthened focus on the brand’s 35-year heritage as an iconic Australian- made brand. Both have resonated well, and support from consumers and trade partners has been terrific. 
6. Can you outline some of the company’s recent initiatives, firstly in respect of Opal Australian Paper and, secondly, across the packaging divisions? 
Many of our customers were excited by Opal Australian Paper’s recent launch of Olympic Eco, Australia’s only locally-made 100 per cent recycled school exercise books with carbon neutral pages made with Australian-recycled waste paper. 
To aid in Woolworths move away from single use plastics Opal Australian Paper worked with valued partners Detpak to develop an Australian-made, 70 per cent recycled content paper bag capable of holding up to 6kg of groceries. 
Our vision is ‘Opal Shapes the Future Through Sustainable Packaging’. Aligned with this vision, we are maintaining a strong emphasis on sustainability and innovation, and these key strategic priorities will continue to influence the development of future products and solutions, driving value for our customers.
7. Finally, how do customers enquire about Opal’s broader offerings such as packaging and POS solutions? 
We would encourage our customers to contact their Opal sales representative who will be able to assist with their enquiry. Alternatively thyey can contact our call centre on +61 3 9811 7310 or visit and submit an enquiry via our contacts page.