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On the road with Dynamic Supplies and DSTech

SPECIAL REPORT: Suppliers connect with customers on regional tour.
Dynamic Supplies and DSTech, partnering with leading vendors CyberPower, D-Link, Maxhub, Ecoxgear, and Mitsumaru, recently completed a fast-paced three-day regional tour encompassing Cairns, Townsville, and Mackay.
The trip was all about going beyond the typical trade show experience, with a focus on building genuine relationships with customers in a relaxed and interactive setting. This proved to be a big hit with regional businesses that often face logistical hurdles in attending trade shows in capital cities.
Beyond experiencing the latest tech innovations, the roadshow provided an invaluable platform for customers to forge direct connections with vendors. This fostered meaningful dialogues addressing the specific needs of our customers.
This was summarised by the Cartridge Work Mackay team that attended the Mackay show.
“We at Cartridge World Mackay would like to thank you for your time and effort bringing the Regional Queensland Tech24 Roadshow to our town.  
It was an informative night talking with your reps.  Some of us were not aware of certain products capabilities and it also reminded us, there are other products available to us through Dynamic Supplies.  
This was a great way to expand our knowledge in a very pleasant and relaxed environment.  Your Reps where very approachable and made us all feel welcome.
As a regional centre we don’t receive a lot of these hands on experiences like this, and it always is great to see that we are not forgotten from our suppliers.   
As you are also aware, it is extremely hard and expensive to allow our staff time off, travel & accommodation if roadshows like this are only provided in capital cities. 
Most of us have only a small staff and have to shut the business to enable any of us to attend if in other cities.  
For us hosting this in Mackay, it enabled all of us the opportunity to attend if we wished.
Thank you all so much for making it possible and we hope that it was a successful night for you all.  We look forward to the next.”
It wasn't all work though. The trip was a great opportunity for the Dynamic Supplies, DSTech, and vendors to bond, all while enjoying the camaraderie of a good old-fashioned road trip.
So, what's next?  With the trip's resounding success, Dynamic Supplies and DSTech are already planning similar events for other locations. Keep an eye out for announcements.
PHOTO: From left, Josh Tytherleigh, Sheridan Scott and Chad Litchfield.
Date Published: 
25 March 2024