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Why a clean office is a more profitable office

Not all businesses are equipped with the appropriate levels of cleaning and hygiene equipment.

New research from Office Depot (UK) has found that poor hygiene practices are leaving offices at risk of staff shortages during the winter months, resulting in a direct decline in a company's productivity.

Out of the 500 UK-based office workers surveyed, 83 per cent have gone into work with a cold, while 81 per cent believe they have picked up an illness from a colleague in the workplace.

The Office Depot survey found that employees may be heading into the office when unwell because they fear there is inadequate support and work will not be completed in their absence.

Nearly 90 per cent said that they would have to pick up at least some of their work following an absence, while 38 per cent believed they would have to pick up all their work upon their return.

The survey suggested that poor provision of effective cleaning and hygiene products is partly to blame, with 30 per cent of businesses failing to supply anti-bacterial handwash or soap, and only eight per cent of offices offered facial tissues.

Other reasons cited for a high illness rate included employee bad habits. For example, 45 per cent of those surveyed knew of a co-worker who failed to wash their hands after using the toilet. Furthermore, 75 per cent of respondents worked with staff who ate lunch at their desks, 58 per cent have seen a colleague leave a dirty plate in a work area, and 36 per cent put up with those who fail to clean up food or drink spillages.


Date Published: 
28 August 2019