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Kimberly-Clark announces restructure

31 August 2018

New model for global operations.

Kimberly-Clark has announced a new operating model that has ramifications for its Kimberly-Clark Professional (KCP) division.
In fact, KCP is set to disappear as a separate reporting unit as part of a “global transformation initiative” that will reorganise the company into three new segments: North America, International Personal Care (IPC) and International Family Care and Professional (IFP).
Kimberly-Clark’s B2B business will now come under both the North America and IFP divisions, depending on geographical location. IFP will be headed by former KCP President Ehab Abou-Olaf while Russ
Torres heads the North America unit.
The vendor didn’t specify how many jobs would go at the company as a result of the changes, but said that around half of the $1.5 billion the new plan will cost has been earmarked for workforce reductions.
Dallas (TX), USA
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