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Office Choice partners with Love Your Sister Foundation

23 October 2023

Members support Sam's 1000 program.

We are delighted to announce a significant milestone in Office Choice’s commitment to local community action - our national charity partnership with the Love Your Sister Foundation (LYS). This signifies a powerful and purposeful partnership with Office Choice becoming a Heavyweight of Sam’s 1000, directly supporting the incredible work that Samuel Johnson and his team have been doing in relation to Precision Medicine.
As the team at LYS say: Precision Medicine is not currently offered as standard care for all Australians. It should be.
Together with the Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Centre (OMICO) and Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Love Your Sister has implemented an affirmative action solution.  It is our vision that Precision Medicine is offered to ALL cancer patients, whatever the cancer, regardless of location, age, income, or status.
“Australia can’t wait anymore. Too many cancer patients are being left behind.” - Samuel Johnson
Precision Medicine puts patients on the right medicine, first time, every time. Bureaucracy is too slow and can’t keep up. By partnering with businesses everywhere, Samuel has a solution. Precision Medicine for all can be achieved if businesses join in. This is a mammoth task. Our scientists are smart enough, they just don’t have the resources they need. We need to stamp our feet together. And the right time is now. When business and individuals unite and act with meaning and purpose, we will triumph.
“Together we can end cancer now.”
At Office Choice, we believe in the power of shared values, and this partnership exemplifies that. Love Your Sister's values, which encompass local community engagement, proactive action, resilience, overcoming challenges, courage, and a strong sense of purpose perfectly resonate with our brand and mirrors the fundamental principles of local area support and action that define our group.
So, what does this partnership mean for our Office Choice members? It means forging a strong national group partnership that opens doors to collaborative opportunities and so much more. Our objective is to empower each and every one of our members to actively participate in the value and opportunities presented by this national partnership between Office Choice and Love Your Sister.
Since our Conference featuring Samuel’s incredible keynote speech, over a dozen members have also joined Sam’s 1000. Please check out the attached flyer for an overview of Love Your Sister and their impactful mission.
We are thrilled about the opportunities this partnership will bring, and we can't wait to embark on this journey of positive impact together.  I cant wait to see all the magic this partnership creates and especially the difference it makes. Now and in the future.I cant wait to see all the magic this partnership creates and especially the difference it makes. Now and in the future.
Teresa Thompson
Chief Marketing & Merchandise Officer