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Office Choice Unveils Strategic Acquisition

21 February 2024

Office Choice Limited (OCL) is delighted to announce the completion of a landmark acquisition - Rosebud Office Choice. 

This acquisition is a major step in the execution of our “2023 & Beyond” vision, underscoring our commitment to expansion. 
Rosebud Office Choice will be seamlessly integrated under the OCL umbrella, heralding a new era of innovation, operational excellence and competitive robustness. 
  • Key Benefits of the Acquisition: 
  • Market Share Expansion 
  • Operational Synergies 
  • Insight-Driven Innovation 
The Beginning of a New Chapter 
This acquisition signifies a stepping stone towards continuous growth and value enhancement for our Shareholders, Members and the broader Office Choice community. 
This is a clear signal of our intent to not only participate in the market but to lead and redefine it. 
Brad O’Brien
Chief Executive Officer
Office Choice Limited