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Office and works supplies under the microscope

13 February 2018

The office and work supplies market will the subject of a new report by Penfold Research.

Penfold Research will shortly be commencing work on the sixth edition of its major two-yearly office & work supplies market report series.

Penfold Research director Andrew Penfold said the research will provide an independent view on the state of the market, its rapid rate of evolution, the players, their shares, brands, growth and outlook. The two reports will be published in the second half of 2018.
“Currently the industry is self-adjusting to its challenges – via consolidation in the number of players and expansion into new categories,” Penfold told OPN. “With times of rapid change come significant opportunities – to adapt/modify and reap the gains that others aren’t agile enough to realise. This is such a time.”
The new research will independently assess, identify and highlight the key areas of opportunity. Central questions include - which products/services are most worthy of developing? What is truly valuable to customers in today’s environment – and how well are their needs being met by the main players?
The report will be based on a comprehensive program of primary research (2000 interviews) combined with face-to-face trade interviews and extensive secondary desk research.
“Our reports are designed to help operators understand the forces that are driving the market, assess where they are now and measure themselves against competitors. It will provide a base for strategy development and better decision making,” Penfold said.
Sample of topics/areas covered:

• Market sizes and brand measurement for over 70 products.
• Identification of key areas of core and non-core growth (products and segments).
• Extensive tracking of trends and drivers.
• Brand shares and the reason consumers choose key brands.
• Consumer segments – their size, growth, characteristics and behaviour.
• Market shares of all main dealers & retailers.
• In depth competitor analysis (strengths/weaknesses) of major dealers/retailers.
• ‘Net Promoter’ scores for dealers/retailers and suppliers (manufacturers/importers).
• Industry outlook and growth forecast to 2020.
Companies who confirm subscriptions in February will have the opportunity to suggest topics/products to be covered in the research as well as paying a discounted rate.
To find out more or to receive a detailed outline of the research, contact Andrew Penfold - [email protected] or phone +61 (0)2 9337 5129.
Penfold Research is a specialist researcher, focussed on assisting clients who supply products/services into the office, education and workplace supplies sectors.