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Officeworks survey reveals work-from-home truths

8 December 2023
Aussie employers lagging on WFH policy.
Almost one in three (32 per cent) Australian employees that could work from home say their employer does not have a formal WFH policy despite three in four currently doing at least some of their job from home, according to new research from Officeworks.
The 2023 Officeworks Flexiworks Snapshot surveyed 1000 Australians performing jobs that could be done from home for businesses with more than 10 employees and provides insights into the current state of flexible work (three-quarters of participants were currently performing at least some of their jobs from home, while the remainder were not). 
The research supports Officeworks’ Flexiworks service, which includes an online ergonomic assessment tool for employees linked to the provision of in-home office accessories, technical set-up and furniture.
The Snapshot survey revealed that 94 per cent of respondents felt that a good WFH set-up is important to do their best work, but half of those currently WFH haven’t had any support from their company to set this up. 
Among those currently WFH, almost half (45 per cent) have experienced a health issue, the most common being back pain or neck pain (22 per cent). 
Despite this, only 37 per cent of currently WFH employees have had their home workstation assessed by their employer.